Saturday, March 10, 2012

Monster Surgeons.

Hi ! Okayy, now Im kinda boring. It is 12.17am in 11/3 which mean the second day of holiday ! Yeappy. Hahaha. Not much to do actually at home. Same things go around come around , like a circle may I say. Bluft. So, to the main point. Have you cut a frog before ? I did never tried it. Not even once in my entire life, yet. I just wanna share some of my experiance in cutting frogs. And, may I say I KILLED it !


Sayy Hellooooooo to Mr. Kribbik. hihi. He's suffer from organ deseases, we need to save himmm ! Poor Mr. Kribbik :( Okay, This is my surgeon-teammate consists of Dr.Zaim, Dr.Adib and course Prof.Dr. Alif ! :3 for them, this is their first experiance of surgery. Including me -.- okay, shut up. Haih. We only have an hour to 'dig up' the flesh and took out the stomach, intestine, liver, kidney, andddd THE HEART ! muahaha, k stop. Totally impossible for us as a beginner to do that ey ? Hoping that this surgery project succeed *cross finger. Lets see :

a)intestine - check
b)stomach - check
c)liver - check
d)heart - craps error

Finally, the surgery come to the end. Good news-we failed. Hahaha. Mr. Kribbik cannot be saved anymore. His recovery come to a limit. His life gonna end soon. Damn it ! Then, Dr. Zaim says 'Bunuh je lahh, dah tak boleh buat apa lagi ni' and Adib reply with nod. I take a glance at his heart, full with blood. I took a pin and popped his heart and 'pop' it go. BYEBYE Mr. Kribbik, see you :'( sorry.