Monday, June 4, 2012

New Start

Assalamualaikum and Helloo,

Tomorrow, Im gonna leaving home and moving straight to KL. But, yaa its still in the middle of school holiday eyy ? Well, I'll be having classes for SPM. Some of others schools done that too you know. Blahhh ! Hey, Muhamad Aliff, look, it is for your future and stop complaining. I havent finished my homework yet, my hair are still long and mess, worse I HAVENT PACKED MY STUFF ! Im not feeling to going to school yet. Its give my mind a big burden. Everyone hates stress, indeed. Somehow I believe that all things happen have its silver lining. So, cheer up :)

So, just now I browse and watch youtube. And came with this video, SPM result for my school last year. Nik Aqil, my past Head Prefect keep on giving advice 'Jangan tidur dalam kelas'. Actly, that what I always do. Hey, all of us sleep in class okay. So, more or less it kinda give me a self motivation for me to take SPM this year. InsyaAllah, I can do it. Pray for me, 9A+ Amin